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It all started when I was approaching my fortieth birthday, and all of the sudden my hair changed, was drying, looked dull, and it was not healthy anymore, I also noticed my hair was thinning out and growing slower than before. It was the worst feeling. I freaked out! I desperately needed a solution in a hurry.

I started searching, I would watch morning shows for tips, and search on the internet, there was so much confusing information, and so many products out there that it would only make my hair shiny and soft; but none that would give my hair the volume I had lost, and you could still tell that my hair was not really healthy. It became so stressful, that I literally felt down and upset every morning I saw my hair in the mirror.

I got the shocking news..

After asking my friends and hair stylist experts for help, they revealed the truth I did not want to hear. I also ran to see a nutritionist, and I went to visit my doctor. I spent lots of money and time, and they also confirmed, what I did not wanted to accept, I was officially 40 and my body was acting according to nature, and from now on my hair needed new ways of care and attention. So many things came to my mind, I felt horrible.

My head was spinning overloaded with information. Have you ever found yourself…

  • Asking around what product to buy for your hair?
  • Worried, thinking what to do with my hair, to look good?
  • Confused on which product to choose? What’s is the right product for my hair?
  • What are the vitamins and minerals my hair really needs?
  • Thinking Gosshhh! If I had this product… that it would do this…. to my hair..
  • Buying many products, spending lots of money, and still searching for that one product?

Well is not your fault

Same thing happened to me. There is so much misleading information out there, and so many big companies offering “solutions” for your hair, and intentionally making you feel that you will benefit from them, when in fact they know it is not going to help you. As a matter of fact most of the hair products at the store can harm your hair and you will never know it.


To my surprise this is what I discovered, more depressing news…

  • The vast majority of common hair products sold at the stores do not contain quality ingredients, nor have the required amount that could really help your hair look healthy.
  • Cheap products are made with chemicals and fillers to trick your eyes, to make you think that your hair is healthy, when in fact it is harming your hair.
  • When you buy expensive hair products, it does not mean you are putting expensive ingredients on your hair, much of your money goes to royalties, distributors and the stores, not to your hair.
  • So as you can imagine by now, I did not find the right product that understood the new needs my hair needed. 

Time to make a wise decision…

Do I settle and buy cheap products that trick my eyes, when I know it is destroying my hair, or do I buy expensive products and let my money go away to the big brand and very little to my hair?

But before I tell you my decision, I wanted to share with you the best advice I could ever give to any of my friends and family….

It takes more than just a product to really help your hair be truly healthy and to look amazingly beautiful again

  • You need to know how to take care of your hair, meaning knowing when and how to comb or brush your hair, so you won’t damage it.
  • The way you use your shampoo may be harming your hair.
  • Which ingredients must be in your products and which ones to avoid.
  • How to protect your hair from blow dryers and hot irons
  • You need to make sure you are nourishing your hair with the right nutrients.

Yes I know, I know, it looks like a lot; but it is not, If you think about it you do everything that is on that list anyway; the difference is that from now on you will do it right!

Don’t worry I have put all you need-to-know in simple easy steps that will help you enjoy having beautiful hair.

So then, what did I do?

Well… you will laugh; but I wanted to find a real solution for my hair and for my self-esteem. I read many books about hair and nutrition, and studied about changes women go through when approaching 40, and how to cope with emotional issues, and invested lots of money and time visiting nutritionists looking for answers. I began mixing and testing my own hair repair infusion with home remedies recipes I learned to do by reading books, and watching anything I could find on Youtube, and Google. Testing was not fun; but I had no choice, I wanted to have my hair healthy again.

To tell you the truth, I thought it was going to be easy, at first I thought it was great idea; but it was not easy at all, after months of frustration I found a solution blending extracts of natural oils that nourished, hydrated and softened, revived the texture of my hair and to made it shiny again; but the biggest challenge of all, was that I also needed to add body and volume to my hair, which was what I really wanted for my hair to look totally healthy and beautiful.

I could not believe what I had discovered…

I almost gave up, it was too much information and too many different opinions. For the volume I needed help from professionals; but I found a solution by meeting with different labs, and I it was the best feeling in the whole world to find the right infusion, and see my hair totally hydrated, shiny, and with volume, a real total recovery! It looked so healthy and natural.

You may think I’m kidding; but I felt all eyes on my hair! Lol!

I was so excited, OMG! I couldn’t believe it! I felt my self-esteem instantly go up like a rocket, thank god! My hair started to look amazing, way better than before, much better! My days were beautiful again!

But my hair needed one more thing…

I had one more challenge left, I needed to strengthen my weak and thin hair. Honestly I lucked out on that one! It so happen that a dear friend of mine, had just returned from Europe and I noticed her hair had grown thicker and stronger. And got my attention, because she had told me that she already had her menopause. When I asked her, she quickly told me about dermatologists in Europe treating thinning hair with Capillisil ® and Alistin® and what do you know! I started using it myself and it worked. Awesome! What a huge relieveeee!!!… I felt I was rejuvenated, now all I had to do is enjoy my days again. I’m back in the game!!

Oh no! What do you think happened next…

My closest friends started noticing my hair was back looking healthier and thicker than before. They would asked me what did I do to my hair? What expensive product was I using on my hair; because it looked spectacular, and many other questions.

After a while my friend Kathy asked me to please recommend her the product I was using, she needed help with her hair. What did I do? Of course I would help her out! She was my good friend, and it was the greatest feeling that I could help her out, she was also in her forties, I knew exactly how she felt.

I had to reveal my secret…

I told my friend Kathy, it was not an expensive brand product, I was using a natural hair repair infusion made with natural oils mixed with protein, vitamins, and minerals recommended by my nutritionist, and taking care of my hair in a different way. It was not just about using a product, it was about a new lifestyle for your hair, she wasted no time, and rapidly began to use it, and followed the simple steps I gave her.

Right after she had only used the hair repair infusion, she was so happy the she could not hold back her gesture of gratitude, she called me thanking me I don’t know how many times. I was surprised how it worked for her too!

Friends of friends insisted …

Kathy came by my house; but this time she wanted it to help her friend that really needed the hair repair infusion for her dry hair, she was also in her forties and feeling down. I did not want to be rude so I told her that I was going crazy with work, family, and my days were flying by; but I didn’t want to let her down, and I did something even better, I gave her the formula of the natural oils blend, that nourish, hydrate, soften, and would revive the hair with shine, so she can make it anytime she needed it and she could also help her friends too.

Guess what …

Ever since my friends started using the hair repair infusion and the tips I had gotten from experts, I found myself going crazy answering my phone to either give them the hair repair infusion formula, or explain to them how to use it, and also list the vitamins and minerals they needed, plus what was the best way to treat your hair, it was insane to see how many of us don’t have the right information we really need to have really beautiful and healthy hair.

So here it is,

I couldn’t keep up with everybody, so I needed to figure out what to do. I wrote all the information in a simple and easy steps, I put it on a website so my friends have access to it anytime they would need it, or wanted to share it with their friends, and I also wanted to make it available to the many women that are looking for a solution to nourish, hydrate, soften, and restore shine to their hair, so they can make it anytime they needed, just like you, because I know you would have done the same thing for me.

I really hope these great things I have found out from hair experts that you must know, and has surely helped many of my friends may help you as well and get you to enjoy your beautiful hair again.

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