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A natural oil based hair treatment is more than just a luxury… it’s a need

Treating your hair every time you wash it can be your best tool toward getting back the healthiest, shinier and more manageable hair.

Because here’s what a natural oil based hair treatmentcan do for you:

With the Nutri-X Shampoo

Removes build ups from any other products containing binders, fillers, or harsh chemicals stuck on your hair.

Also remove the excess of hair oils from the Wonderful 9 application without stripping the natural oils on the outer layer or inside the hair shaft.

It leaves your hair deeply clean, ready to absorb all the benefits from the Ultra Repair Infusion.

And with the Ultra Repair Infusion

Every time you wash your hair… you infuse your hair with all the natural oils, proteins, minerals that your hair lost with daily hair routine.

It’s a powerful complement to your Wonderful 9 once a week treatment.

Using both you recreate your hair protective layer that it was damaged by products with harsh chemicals.

So now your hair becomes more manageable, shinier, softer, thicker, fuller, healthier and stronger….

- your hair will look amazing in the morning

- color will last longer

- avoid split ends

- no more frizz

- also acts as a natural UV protector


You won’t need to use:

  • Conditioner
  • Hair Mask
  • Detangler
  • Thermal Heat Protector
  • Shine
  • Volumizer
  • Anti- Frizz


  • ​​​​​​​ Leave-In Conditioner

It’s that easy!

The more you use it, the more healthy, more manageable, and more beautiful your hair will look!

You still get the results you want, but you achieve them faster.

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I love the fact that Beloforte does not leave my hair greasy like other products do. It makes my hair feel light, and yet adds so much volume at the same time. My split ends now look sealed and healthy. I am so glad that I found this product.
I have always had problems with my hair it was dry, dull and stiff. I came across Beloforte and decided to try it and WOW I am so glad that I did. It’s amazing how different my hair feels. It’s hydrated and bouncy.
Excellent product!!! I definitely found what i was looking for, It left my hair so soft, shiny and now it has volume, it looks so healthy!!!. I would absolutely recommend it, I'm so happy!! Fast deliver too
This is by far the best hair product I have ever used. I was thrilled to find it online. I have thick dull and burned hair from all my hot tools, I use it twice a week. It keeps my dyed hair very soft and without any frizz. I love the way it makes my hair feel, not to mention how I feel too! Love it!


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