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Finally! A product that works!

I’ve dealt with frizzy,, uncontrollable hair my entire life. When I finally cut it off short, the frizz was gone. But with Covid, I decided to let my hair grow out. So, finally, I found this product. And it works. Thanks!

Results first time using

It’s so exciting to get products that actually work. I have tried everything for my hair including other high end bond repair products. This is the first time I’ve had soft hair in years! I look forward to washing my hair now because I know it looks better everytime ! Just ordered second month of the system. Thank you, Belo forte!

Very satisfied

I'm giving this product 5 stars because it works on my hair as advertised. I have thick, fine, highlighted longish hair that gets very frizzy and breaks. After one use my hair was silky smooth and tame. I live half the year in Mexico where it's humid and 1/2 the year in Eastern Washington where it's very dry and I constantly fight the frizz. So far at home in WA state my hair is behaving and I'm satisfied. However, I will be back in Puerto Vallarta in September and am curious how it will work with my hair in the humidity. This product is a very good value for the price also. I will be reordering before I head off to Mexico. Give it a try and see for your self.

Love it!

I have been only using the RefiSeal treatment for a week and I noticed right away the difference it made, my hair has not been looking frizzy or dry it actaully looks and feels healthier, looking forward to see how it looks in a month! Highly recommend

RefiSeal® System
Maureen S.
Absouetly love the oil makes my hair look great!!

I tried this an was skeptical but it did wonders on my hair I absolutely love this product will continue to use this!!!

Great product!

I’ve been using for 2 weeks now and I can honestly say this works! My hair isn’t hard and wild with split ends any more and I’m not loosing hair like I was. I would recommend this product to anyone with damaged hair.. Glad I tried it!

BeloForte Newby

Just started using the BeloForte haircare system. My main concern was that my hair has been dry and brittle. I like it so far, but I understand that it takes time to see if it helps with breakage. I am truly hopeful.

I love your product!

I tried your product out on my daughter's hair 1st as she has damaged hair and she got good results so I started using. I can't begin to tell you the difference your product has made on my hair! My dad even commented on my hair and said it didn't look frizzy and asked what I did differently lol. I'm 53 and have struggled with baby fine and very frizzy hair, and no products seemed to help. I am also noticing that I haven't been losing much hair since I started using your product as well. Will be ordering again and telling my friends! THANK YOU💞

RefiSeal System

Noticeably better with 1st use! Can't wait to watch my hair heal as I continue to use only beloForte products as recommended.

Astounding Results

I am 38 years old with 3 children. I use a straighter or curling iron everytime I style my hair. Over the years my hair has become increasingly dry and broken, and I recently realized I needed to do something! As if Belo Forte read my mind their ad popped up on my Facebook feed and after reading about it for a few minutes I knew this was exactly what my hair needed.
I’ve used it as recommended a total of 4 times now. And the results are truly unbelievable. Today I had no need to use my straightener! After blow drying with a round brush my hair looks full and healthy and there is absolutely no Frizz! I would also like to add I live in Louisiana where the weather is extremely humid and unflattering to frizzy hair! I am a customer for life.
The first photo was before I used Belo Forte after I washed and dried my hair, not straightened. The second pic is today after 4 uses, washed and blow dried only. The texture of my hair already feels completely different!

Healthy Hair Club
Jennifer E.

My hair has improved tremendously since day one of purchasing this product. I had such dead ends and now the are getting so much better. I love it! It’s a work in progress!

The best your hair will ever feel and look!

I love how my hair looks and feels. I could not believe it made that much of a difference until I tried it . My before and after pics where better then i thought. WOW! this stuff really heals the hair., its worth every penny!


Love this product my hair has grown so fast and my hair is so much better and shiny after 2weeks 🤩

My hair is transformed

My hair looks like it did when I was much younger...silky and shiny and just beautiful. I will never be without this amazing product!

I love all of it


Love the healthy shiny hair from this product!

Soft and full and a bit less frizzy

After the reviews I was pretty stoked to give this a try. It does feel amazing and smells great too. My hair feels really soft and full but definitely does not look as smooth as I’d hoped. Will keep at it and hope to achieve shiny locks sooner rather than later. The pics got switched. R is before and L is after the first treatment.

Wonderful Surprise!

I didn’t think this would be anything special but wow it absolutely helped improve my hair! I’m glad I gave it a try, wish I had it years ago.

Shampoo and conditioner are good, trying to get the hang of the RefiSeal

I have extremely dry frizzy, naturally curly hair. The curls are only uniformly pretty when I “plop” my wet hair over night but have never stayed pretty all day because I live in a very humid climate. The RefiSeal has helped some with the frizziness but I have only used it as directed twice since my purchase due to other issues. I have noticed that my hair doesn’t seem to be so dry and damaged. Will keep using it and hope for the best.

So far, so good

I’ve only had the product system for a week and done the oil treatment once and use the conditioner and shampoo in between. It does leave my hair feeling much better than it was before. I’m looking forward to trying it out for at least 30 days before I give it my full recommendation, but so far so good

RefiSeal® System
Cécile B.

M’y hair is definitely feeling more lush and a lot less dry and brittle. Sorry, today was the first time I’ve used it since receiving, but, I will continue to use it and have a feeling my hair is going to be in much better condition! Especially since this is the first time I’ve ever used your products ! #soexcited4beloforte

I love love it.

I’ve thrown out all other high end brands!!!❤️❤️

I see a difference in just 3 days 🤗

I was getting ready to chop off all my hair a few weeks ago. The ends looked so dry & brittle. I watched an add for this product & decided to give it a try. I wanted to finish my old Shampoo & Condition first so I just started using your products 3 days ago. I can already see a difference, my hair doesn't look as frizzy or stringy. I also like the subtle scent. My scalp & hair feels clean & healthy. I'm going to continue using these great products! Thank you, Dena Hall

Softer and hydrated

For 3 weeks I’ve been using the shampoo/conditioner 4x a week and the wonderful 9 once a week. I shampoo my scalp and try to avoid specifically shampooing the ends. I leave the conditioner on for 10 minutes and I use Luke warm water on my hair. Once a week I leave the wonderful 9 on for 3 hours with a shower cap on then wash 3x & condition for only 3 minutes on that day. My hair is very, very thin and fine. I don’t get any volume at all but my hair is very soft and feels healthier. Since I’ve been using the products I’m having a lot of issues getting my natural wave to come out though. I just got a haircut yesterday and had to take a couple inches off due to damage so maybe that will help me get some of my beach waves back.



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