How your “beloForte Refiseal® System” WORKS to repair damaged hair and keep it beautiful, healthy and gorgeous!

Part 3

"Just one use and it did this! WOW I’m just in shock..."

It took away all the frizzzz! I can’t believe it! Just one use and it did this! WOW I’m just in shock I just can’t get over myself I just love it just feels great. Even my husband noticed the difference lol!
- Luz

Welcome back to “PART 3” of the beloForte Guide!

If you’ve been following along from Part 1 & 2, then you must feel like you know more about “damaged-hair” than almost anyone you know, right?

You’ve seen (on video #1) what actually happens to your hair when it gets damaged…

You’ve heard all the ways that cause and contribute to damage hair

Including “water” - plus - “cutting” your hair, of all things?

And you saw (on video #2) what needs to be done to repair damaged hair…

It’s vital you are aware that there’s no such thing as a “One-Time Solution” to fixing damage hair.

If another brand promises you that, run the other way!

The REAL (and only) “secret” is that all damaged crack hair needs to be “filled” and “sealed” and “maintained”.

This is why beloForte was created... to repair your hair by refilling and sealing it every time you wash it…

So you can keep it healthy and looking more gorgeous every day!

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Today’s “PART 3” is all about the “HOW” beloForte system works to repair your damaged hair and keep it healthy, shiny and beautiful.

Why is it important to know “how” it works?

Well, one reason is...

You’ll finally have an answer to everyone who asks how you keep your hair looking so healthy and beautiful every day.

(You’re welcome).

Also, it’s important to know how each step works.

Especially when refilling and sealing dry cracked hair shafts, every time you wash.

It’s the ONLY way to repair dry damaged hair…out your hair on a busy morning again?

Let’s face it, women like us already have enough stress to deal with each day….


Imagine never worrying about your hair again?

It’s not only possible… It’s a reality!

"New Customer"

  Verified     Patricia Oroian

I used this product One Time, and I followed the directions. The results are Amazing, my hair is soft and restored like in my 20s!!! I will use these products Forever!!!
Thanks for making such a wonderful product!!

"It might actually work"

  Verified     Elizabeth Lemmings

I’m usually pretty skeptical that a product will actually work as advertised but I decided to give this a go. So far I’m getting good results and it does seem to be improving with time. Im not going to tell my stylist I'm using it and see if she noticed!


  Verified     Kim

I have very damaged hair from years of highlights and dye. I noticed a dramatic difference after just one application! I’m super excited to continue to use these products!

Don’t worry, we’ll give you a refresher on all this as you read on…

What you’re about to read will possibly be the greatest news you’ll ever hear when it comes to having one reliable, safe, and easy system for consistently enjoying beautiful healthy hair every day!

Sister… You made the right decision!

In today’s guide, we’re going to show you how your beloforte RefiSeal® System (that’s trusted by over thousands of women around the world) actually works to repair and maintain your hair

Life’s too short to have a bad hair day!

Let’s quickly recap on what you’ve learnt in the first two videos.

By the way, if you haven’t watched the other 2 videos yet, you can watch them on this page.


Highlights of Video #1:

For your hair to stay perfectly healthy every day and looking more gorgeous than ever… you first must understand the real reason your hair gets dry, damaged and breaks easily.

This is how the hair shaft looks when it’s healthy and manageable.

Trichologists who are the hair experts that study the science of hair, have discovered that dry, brittle and unmanageable hair is actually cracks, microscopic gaps and holes in the hair cuticle.

And these cracks actually prevent your hair from retaining its natural oil and strength.

Hair is beautiful, but it's frail and it's constantly breaking and getting damaged

Nowadays, we're using more products than ever to make our hair look beautiful causing more damage than ever.

Every time we use hot tools, dye our hair, chemically, process it, plus the daily wear and tear the hair shaft cracks and it gets worse every time you wash your hair.

The reason why is because water penetrates through the cracks causing it to become so heavy that it stretches it and breaks even more and over time your hair becomes like a pile of Straw

He truth is… Conditioners, treatments and even cutting your hair, are only putting your hair in a constant “breaking cycle”

That’s because they don’t fix the root problem.

But there is a solution…


Highlights of Video #2:

They've discovered the only way to truly repair damaged hair, a new way of transforming dry brittle over processed hair into beautiful healthy hair again.

And once you know how you'll be able to repair your hair quick.

You'll never again look in the mirror and see doll frizzy hair or struggle with unmanageable hair ever again.

The truth is, our hair can't withstand our modern routine anymore.

It creates all kinds of problems for your hair and in many cases you can lose a lot of hair…

Fortunately, Trichologists, who are the hair experts that study the science of hair have made a discovery to solve this problem.

It’s now been scientifically proven that the only way to truly repair damaged hair it's by refilling the cracks, microscopic holes and gaps in the hair shaft.

Plus, we know how to safely seal the hair shaft every time you wash your hair!

This new approach It's called RefiSeal the hair.

That's the secret to gorgeous hair…

Now what?

How your “beloForte RefiSeal® System” WORKS to repair damaged hair and keep it beautiful, healthy and gorgeous!

Now you're gonna wash, Refilseal and repair your hair, turning it healthy again.

The hair shaft instantly starts rebuilding and regaining its strength and it becomes whole and smooth, super shiny and healthy again.

“From now on your hair will never look dry and damaged ever again”


First by instantly stopping any further damage caused by water penetrating the hair shaft breaking it even more.

And you’ll be able to repair any damage caused by your daily hair routine making your hair healthy again every time you wash it.

Imagine stepping out of the shower knowing that your hair becomes healthier, stronger, more beautiful every single day…

beloForte RefiSeal® System turns your hair healthy and gorgeous again ….

Deep-Fill Dry And Cracked Hair Shafts – Make Them Stronger

Wonderful 9 RefiSeal®

I recommend “Deep-fil” dry and cracked hair shafts with the Wonderful 9 RefiSeal® once a week.

Which is ideal, unless you’re pressed for time, then try to use it at least twice a month.

And then all you have to do is wash your hair with the Nutri-X Shampoo and use the RefiSeal Infusion® to refill and seal the hair shaft when wash your hair.

“Repair your hair every time you wash it”

Nutri-X Shampoo / RefiSeal® Infusion

It’s the only way to repair dry damaged hair and keep it manageable and looking gorgeous all the time.

Refilling and sealing the dry and cracked hair shaft when you wash your hair.

This is the secret! It’s that simple

Even though beloForte was not created for hair that has been chemically burnt, fry, and gummy over processed…

… We have thousands of customers that have tried beloForte and are happy to finally find the results they wanted!

Here’s what to look forward to…

Every morning when you’ll look in the mirror, you’ll feel ecstatic and thrilled at how your hair looks and feel healthier and more beautiful than ever before...

…Also, so manageable tin the way your hair lays smoothly in any given style.

And yes... you’ll be able to enjoy today’s modern hair routine…while keeping your hair looking healthy and more gorgeous every day.

Because when you wash your hair with the beloForte system, you’ll quickly repair any damages caused to the hair shaft by your daily hair routine.

Remember the more you refill and seal damaged hair shafts, the more beautiful hair you’ll have!

That’s the secret to gorgeous hair!

Now we’d love to share with some believes we stand for…

  • We believe your day is more enjoyable when your hair looks amazing!
  • We believe you can have amazing hair days every day…
  • We believe healthy beautiful hair boosts your confidence…

Click here to see our other beliefs and values

Lastly, be sure to come back tomorrow for “PART 4” on “How to use your beloForte RefiSeal 3 Step System” so you can finally say goodbye to bad hair days forever!



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