The Ultimate Guide to Repair Dry Frizzy Dull Hair

Part 3

How To Use beloForte RefiSeal® System…
To Make Your Hair Healthy and Beautiful Again

Video Highlights:

0:18 how easy it is to have healthy and beautiful hair
0:28 Show you how to fix your hair fast
0:37 Deeply refill and seal your hair
1:19 Leaving the hair strong again
2:21 Repair your hair while you go about your day
2:46 Clean your hair with a repairing shampoo
3:28 This is what you do keep your hair looking healthy
3:34 Infusing RefiSeal to your hair every time you wash it
4:31 Imagine stepping out of the shower knowing
4:34 You hair is becoming healthier stronger
4:37 More beautiful every single day
4:50 Feeling confident, sexy and polished

Video Transcript:

You will see how easy it is to have healthy and beautiful hair every single day.

From now on you'll never have a bad hair day again.

Come with me! I'm going to show you how to fix your hair fast

If you haven't yet RefiSeal your hair and it's your first time, then I recommend you take 10 minutes to deeply refill and seal your hair.


Next time you wash your hair just use the Nutri-X Shampoo and RefiSeal® Infusion then use the Woderful 9 only once a week!

This right here will help accelerate the process of rebuilding and healing that damaged hair shaft.

It repairs your hair at the core where it needs to be fixed.

A good amount of the Refiseal® penetrates to deep fill the most damaged parts of the hair shaft. You'll see how the hair absorbs it all. Leaving the hair shafts strong again,

While you might need more than one application to help extremely dry and damaged hair, most women see improvement with just their first time.

If you really want to see your hair recuperate fast, then do this once a week until you see your hair healthier.

Wonderful 9 RefiSeal®

3 Key Benefits:

  1. Rebuilds by filling  the dry and cracked hair shaft.
  2. Strengthens the hair shaft making it more resistant to breakage.
  3. Hydrates and seals the split ends  making your hair look even healthier

See, it's quick and easy! The beauty of it is you can put it on, and let it work.

If you have extremely dry and damaged hair, just leave it on a little longer, especially the first time.

Now you can repair your hair while getting stuff done around the house. You can even go out, put your hair in a simple sleeked back clean up-do, It doesn't drip, that means that now you can repair your hair while you go about your day.

Ideally, you should deep-fill once a week with the Wonderful 9 RefiSeal® to keep you hair in optimum healthy state.

Nutri-X Shampoo

When you RefiSeal® your hair, you have to clean your hair with a repairing shampoo, one that doesn't strip your hair of its natural oils. It is critical that you avoid shampoos with a pH higher than five.

That's because high pH products cause your hair to strip of its natural oils, lifting the cuticle away from the hair shaft making it weak and break.

Nutri-X Shampoo

Cleanses your hair while preserving the RefiSeal® in the hair shaft and also prevents hair damages.

Shampoo two or three times to remove the access of refill seal.

Try to rinse with lukewarm water because hot water dehydrates the hair.

RefiSeal® Infusion

Infuse RefiSeal® into the hair shaft after the Nutri-X Shampoo

This is what you do to keep your hair looking healthy and gorgeous all the time, infusing RefiSeal® to your hair every time you wash it


Let the RefiSeal® Infusion work on your hair for 8 to 10 minutes

Imagine stepping out of the shower knowing that your hair becomes healthier, stronger, more beautiful every single day.

When you RefiSeal® your hair, you can wake up every morning with a healthy, shiny and manageable hair and you're going to walk out of the house feeling confident, sexy and polished without spending lots of time styling your hair and loading it up with product.

In fact, when you RefiSeal® your hair, there is no need to use any of the traditional hair products. You no longer need to use leave-in conditioners, frizz products, heat sprays, serums, volume misers, detangler, shine serums and your hair will look more beautiful than ever

That means spending less time in the morning getting ready and more time feeling sexy, confident and gorgeous

Repairs your hair every time you wash it!

  • Makes Your Hair Even Healthier
  • 3X More Manageable
  • Softer and Glossy and
  • Prevents Frizz and Split Ends

“It keeps your hair looking more gorgeous!  Every day”

Real Reviews from Real Customers

"Customer for life!"

  Verified     Michal Leno

Love this product! Love love love!

"My hair looks healthier"

  Verified     Tracy

What I’ve liked the most is that every morning I can do my hair quick and it stays looking great all day. I love it! It feels really really good!

"I'm in shock!"

  Verified     Luz

It took away all the frizzzz! I can’t believe it! Just one use and it did this! WOW I’m just in shock I just can’t get over myself I just love it just feels great. Even my husband noticed the difference lol!

"New Customer"

  Verified     Patricia Oroian

I used this product One Time, and I followed the directions. The results are Amazing, my hair is soft and restored like in my 20s!!! I will use these products Forever!!!
Thanks for making such a wonderful product!!

"It might actually work"

  Verified     Elizabeth Lemmings

I’m usually pretty skeptical that a product will actually work as advertised but I decided to give this a go. So far I’m getting good results and it does seem to be improving with time. Im not going to tell my stylist I'm using it and see if she noticed!


  Verified     Kim

I have very damaged hair from years of highlights and dye. I noticed a dramatic difference after just one application! I’m super excited to continue to use these products!



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